Watanabe Chemical had been selling Vitamin C in many different form which are manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and had met our customers’ demands for a long time. As Takeda Pharmaceutical Company ends selling their Vitamin C products, we process Vitamin C, for instance crushing or sieving it at our associate companies. We also accept other products processing beside Vitamin C.

Service of Commissioning

We support your manufacturing products on-demand. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives.
Food Examples: Collagen tablet with Vitamin C, Royal Jelly Capsule added Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid Capsule etc.
Food Additives Examples: Vitamin C, Nicotinamide, Citric Acid, Sugar etc.
Sieving: Gymnema, Veitch’s bamboo, Aloe arborescence, Mulberry leaf, Angelica keiskei, Barley Grass, Mulukhiya, Kale etc.

Process of Commissioning Manufacture

Please feel free to contact us. The person in charge will confirm in detail as necessary.

1. Confirm Your Request

Please consult for ingredients, lot, price and so on. Our sales representative plans proposal from various points of view by hearing your channel for sales and needs, then make the image of product concrete and clear by having discussion.

2. Offer Quotation

After having meeting, we will offer you quotation.
As soon as we receive an order, we start manufacture.

3. Manufacture Product by way of Trial and Offer Sample

To check we can realize the products which fits your concept and stable enough, we manufacture products by trial and offer you sample.

4. Start Manufacturing

As a final step, we will manufacture bulk on a full scale and create design of package.
Then we will examine the bulk based on our own inspecting standard per lot.

5. Deliver the Product

We will accountably deliver the product to you.

For inquiry on Commissioning Manufacture:

Osaka 06-6202-6451
Tokyo 03-6402-3731
Nagoya 052-218-6391
Inquiry by E-mail
※Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday excluding holidays