Enhancing & Sustaining Value
Watanabe Chemical’s goal is to enhance our cooperate value for our customers and business partners, and sustain it high-level. The business circumstances of chemical industries have been changing drastically in both domestic and overseas market. Even in the challenging situation to enhance and sustain our high cooperate value as a chemical trader, all of us are making intense efforts as one. As the chemical industries’ circumstance is changing notably, our customers are also changing pursuing creative strategies for research, purchase, manufacture and sales free from traditional framework. We are keep innovating to handle the change as the reliable and satisfied business partner. photo
Human Resource Development
I believe that it is human resources that makes our company special since we do not have our own products to differentiate us from the competitors like manufacturers.
To be chosen from numerous trading companies, we need to keep working hard to accumulate know-how, build a solid relationship and cooperate with our customers. This will be realized by all staff members, and thus the structure to maximize their ability is necessary.
Watanabe Chemical is moving forward to develop the person with “high sense of business”, who can identify customers’ needs and win credibility from them.
Global Operations
Watanabe Chemical have broad experience in export and import trade with European companies, especially for API since its establishment.
We expect the chemical industries have the potential to grow in Asia, and put emphasis on trading with the companies there. As a first step, Watanabe Chemical established a local corporation in Guangzhou, China. We are always looking abroad.
The essential in our life; Chemicals.
Attractive field to seize a business chance by catching the global change.